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After more than 20 years as a Registered Division 1 Nurse, Shirlene left nursing to concentrate on her passion for animals and establishing her small business Paws to Consider.

Shirlene has always enjoyed the presence of animals in her life, from family pets to horses and other livestock on the farm where her Grandparents worked and lived.

She has been involved in the sport of dog agility since the mid 90's and in 2005 has been actively involved in the introduction, promotion, establishment and administration of NADAC in Australia. Shirlene’s passion for facilitating NADAC is apparent to all who meet her. Through the facilitation of NADAC in Australia Shirlene has been fortunate to have mentoring and guidance from the most amazing people within NADAC. Through this mentoring, predominately via email and her trips to the USA, Shirlene has evolved as an agility handler. As her skills developed so too did a new passion. Shirlene has always believed that with the acquisition of knowledge comes the responsibility to share that knowledge with others. With a Clinical Nurse Specialist background and a love of teaching others it was only natural that she began holding private agility lessons. One thing led to another and Shirlene is now a popular seminar presenter in her own right.

Shirlene’s training philosophy is centred on building a strong and solid foundation. A foundation that will support and enable the dog and handler be the best team they can be together. She believes to be that team there needs to be a combined effort between both dog and handler, and that each team member needs to be willing, enthusiastic and able to think and perform their roles. The handlers role to visualise, create and support a path for their dog making sure that what they do creates impulsion for the dog in the right direction. The dog’s role is to correctly perform the obstacles presented on the path created by their handler. The foundation is what holds everything together and stops it all from collapsing.



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