Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What area does Paws to Consider Service in regard to Dog Walking and Holiday Pet Care

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What does Paws to Consider charge for pet care services?

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I am not currently a Paws to Consider client but I would like to make an enquiry, get a quote or make a booking.

Click on the CONTACT US button on any page on the site and you will be able to contact Paws to Consider.


I am an existing Paws to Consider client and I would like to cancel, change or make an additional booking for my pet(s).

Click on the CONTACT US button on any page on the site and you will be able to do just that.  It is strongly recommended that all bookings and changes are made this way as it is the most efficient way to do so.


Do you walk the dogs in a group or by themselves?

Paws to Consider provides group walks (Shirlene is very experienced at managing multiple dogs).  Dogs are carefully assessed and matched to ensure that the groups are sociable and happy and well managed.  Aggressive dogs are not permitted.


Do you provide off leash walks?

No.  All walks are on leash.  The safety and wellbeing of your dog is very important to Paws to Consider.


What happens if it is a hot day?

If temperatures reach 30 degrees all walks are confined to parklands (i.e. no street walking).

If Temperatures reach 35 degrees then walks are cancelled.

If the forecast for the next day (according to the 6pm news the night before) is for temperatures 40 degrees or hotter then all walks for that day are cancelled.


In the event of cancellation of walks due to heat holiday pet care and feeding visits are still performed even though the walk is cancelled.


Paws to Consider may shorten walks if temperatures are between 30 and 35 degrees for the safety of your dog.


Other weather factors such as thunderstorms etc. may also result in cancellation of walks.


Can you give me an exact time when you will collect my dog for a walk or visit to feed my pet?

It is possible for me to inform you that I will visit in the morning or the afternoon but it is not possible to give an exact time.  Travel routes for each day are subject to many changing variables.


Do I have to be home when you come to collect my dog for a walk?

No.  You must however provide access for me to collect your dog.  I will leave a calling slip to indicate that I have been.  If you fail to provide access you will be charged the full amount for the service you have booked for.




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